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The Former “Twilight” Star Kristen Stewart Said That She Can’t Propose Her Girlfriend Dylan Meyer

Kristen Stewart has always been in a spotlight since her childhood and started earning fame when she performed the lead role as a heroine in a very famous series The Twilight written by Stephanie Meyer.

We all know that during the shoot of Twilight, Kristen and the hero of the movie, Robert Pattinson started dating. They were like on and off-screen couples and the fans obviously admired them. They were together for about 4 years in total.

To Howard Stern, revealed Kristen Stewart that she would even have married her co-star Robert Pattinson.

This actress who is 29 years of age, is quite private about her love life and relationships but she decided to give an honest opinion about whatever was asked from her and cannot wait to propose her new girlfriend Dylan Meyer.

Kristen and Robert met each other when she was of 18 years old while doing the movie Twilight and enacted the role of Bella Swan who falls in love with the character, Edward Cullen. Their romance on the screen developed a real relationship between the pair.

But Kristen shared with Stern that she was absolutely in love with Rob. He was his first true love. She also said that her and Robert were a bit older though.

Stern has personally a note of Pattinson after he appeared in the show and says that Robert is a charming guy to which Stewart’s confirmation says that yes, he is the best.

When asked about the topic of marriage and its cards among the couple, she did hesitate a bit before telling the host that she would have said yes to a proposal.

Robert and Kristen broke up in the year 2012 when the photos of her leaked that witness her cuddling with the director of snow-white, Rupert Sanders.

Even though the failed attempts at romance and minor setbacks a few years ago with her girlfriend Sara Dinkin and Stella Maxwell, she says she is very much in love with her new girlfriend.

When Howard asked about if she would propose Dylan to which Kristen gave an absolute nod.

But recently we have come to know that she does not plan to marry her.

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