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3 Middle-Schoolers Used Online Gaming App To Execute Plan To ‘kill As Many People As They Could’

Three middle schoolers were caught for a plan to use bombs and firearms in upstate Albion, NY to “kill as many people as they could.”

The threat was described to police on Monday after one of the suspects purportedly made remarks towards another student at Albion Middle School — implying a “broader risk to the entire student body.”

Eyewitnesses reported the menace to a staff member who then alerted the police.

Officials identified approved firearms, electronic devices, and other supporting materials during the investigation.

Local and federal officials quickly became involved and arrested the trio on Thursday afternoon.

The kids whose identities are being reserved because they are all under age 16 communicated the plan via an online app for gamers called Discord.

The design was clearly arranged after one of the students was upset over being “neglected” by a classmate.

They even had a set date, which officials also did not disclose, except to say it was “not imminent.”

Still, “This was a credible threat with a plan,” the Chief said.

The kids were charged with intrigue in the second degree and were issued a desk appearance ticket.

The case will eventually go through family court.

The investigation remains ongoing.

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