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Bloodmoon: Canceled GOT Prequel Behind The Scenes Finally Revealed, See Here

A couple of days ago it was announced that ‘Bloodmoon’, the prequel to GOT (Game of Thrones) starring Naomi Watts, was canceled, as the pilot of the series they had begun filming did not quite convince. However, through social networks material has begun to circulate of what could have been and never was.

The first of these belongs to a Twitter account dedicated to Naomi Watts, which shared a video of the actress with what appears to be her character’s dress, ready to take action.

In July, the actress showed off her Insta Stories to give us a glimpse of what her character’s look would apparently be. The publication notes that the actress was most likely to play Florys the Fox, who according to the book had three husbands (none of them knew each other), besides being the daughter of King Garth Greenhand.

Another Twitter account showed that Gaeta, a seaport on the West Coast of Italy, served as one of the series’ locations.

‘Shortly before sunset, the support boat left the cave again to return to the second production base in the port of Gaeta. This time, the boat crew was dressed and with a banner (could it be one of the first Stark?) It was revealed. #BloodMoon #Gaeta’.

The last photograph gave us a meeting between Naomi Watts, Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister) and Gwendoline Christie (Brienne de Tarth) during the delivery of the Emmy. Could it be that the actresses duo were running the baton to Naomi Watts to join Westeros?

Although ‘Bloodmoon’ has ceased to be a priority for HBO, the mythology of Game of Thrones will continue to expand, as the chain gave the green light to the prequel about the Targaryen House. This project will be based on the book  Fire and Blood by George RR Martin, which will be under the orders of Ryan Condal and Miguel Sapochnik, which still has no official release date.

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