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Man Gets Life Sentence For Choking Cellmate To Death Inside The Jail Cell

A killer in Calgary who spent the first part of his life being victimised and the next part harming others could now be in jail until he dies.

Marlon Ledesma was discovered guilty of second-degree murder of Alvin Chiniquay in September 2016 while the two were being kept at the Calgary Remand Centre

On Friday, Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Kim Nixon condemned Ledesma to life in prison with no possibility of parole for 18 years. Earlier this year, he was given an 8-year sentence for aggravated assault.

“The murder of Mr Chiniquay was completely unprovoked, and it was the cold-blooded slaying of a vulnerable man who could not defend himself,” told Nixon in giving Ledesma’s sentence.

Nixon saw the killer has displayed no interest in rehabilitating himself and has no regret. He has a lengthy criminal past of violence. Chiniquay died days later in hospital. Ledesma’s original murder trial was derailed when he seemed to be bearing a psychotic break.

A forensic psychiatrist finally discovered Ledesma’s objective was “to be seen as a severely mentally distorted individual,” noted Nixon.

Nixon also discussed on Ledesma’s shocking upbringing; he was taken by social services, first as a child. After he came back to his mother, he was abused by his stepfather. He was retaken after his mother stabbed her partner.

Ledesma’s mother, Cherry Ledesma, was beaten to death by her boyfriend, Gregory Houle, In 2011,

A second-degree murder verdict comes with a life sentence with no chance of parole for 10 to 25 years. Prosecutor Todd Buziak debated for a 20-year parole ineligibility period while defence lawyer Andrea Serink proposed 12 to 14 years before Ledesma could seek release.

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