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A 7-Year -Old Boy Battling For Life After Plummeting 9 Floors From His Family’s Apartment Window

A boy aged 17 is battling for his life after falling 9 floors from his family’s apartment window.

The incident took place about 11 a.m. on Saturday morning at the Bronx River Houses in the Soundview area of the Bronx in New York City when the boy pushed past a piece of cardboard that was duct-taped next to the air conditioning unit and led to falling.

Authorities reacted to the scene where they discovered the boy gravely wounded on the ground and brought him to Jacobi Medical Center where we were placed in critical condition, according to the sources.

The boy sustained some broken bones and internal bleeding and has already experienced surgery for brain hemorrhage.

“They were setting him on the stretcher. It wasn’t a good vision to see. You nevermore desire to notice a child being out on the stretcher. The mother was right by his side along with the sisters,” family friend Norma Saunders said.

“He was yelling. I was shocked to see a kid like that,” replied Jimmy Graham, a neighbor of the family. “It bothers everybody.”

Investigators could be observed at the building attempting to piece together the events that led to the expected 72 to 90 footfall from the apartment.

Neighbour Lessette Betancess replied, “It is unfortunate. You know, I feel remorseful for the family and for the kid.”

His family remains at his bedside and they have urged the public for their prayers.

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