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A Minneapolis Man Currently In Prison On Separate Charges, After Striking A Deal To Plead Guilty In The 2015 Murder Of His Girlfriend

A Minneapolis resident is currently in prison on separate charges will add a twenty-year sentence to his stay, following striking a bargain to plead guilty in the 2015 killing of his girlfriend. 

Joshua Dow confessed his crime in the death of Adelle Jensen, who was additionally the mother of his kid. In court, Joshua Dow said that his efforts with his gun, which he still maintains that Adelle Jensen was holding, prompted her death. Adelle Jensen went missing the night of November 18, 2015, and her body has never been discovered. 

This is a very good result for Ms. Jensen’s family members and for law in general,” said Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said in a statement. “It was a challenging case because we did not have Ms. Jensen’s body. But Mr. Dow understood that the unremitting research by Minneapolis police had put collectively an excellent detailed case which we could use to favorably persuade a jury of his crime. He did the best thing by appealing guilty.

Detectives say Joshua and his brother, and Adelle were in downtown Minneapolis that evening when Adelle left the brothers approximately at 2:30 a.m. and went back to Joshua’s place in north Minneapolis. The pair had parted but still did things collectively.

 The timeline put concurrently by homicide detectives tells that Adelle Jensen was shot at about 5 a.m. that day. They say Joshua took Adelle’s body to a warehouse where he had served and shoved it into a cabinet. Over the following several days, police say he dissected the body and hid the remains at many sites. Detectives state he also urged his brother to help him slice up a couch with Adelle’s blood on it and dispose of that proof as well. 

Joshua is currently in prison after being adjudged in 2016 for tampering with a corpse and first-degree narcotic sale. He was 3 months from a potential release when he presented guilty to Adelle’s death.

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