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Courtney Cox Says ‘Jennifer Aniston’ Inspires Her Every Day

Courteney Cox is still strongly attached with her costar Jennifer Aniston over two decades after they began their stint on NBC’s Friends. The American actress met co-star Lisa Kudrow and Aniston at the 2019 SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s Patron of the Artists Awards on Thursday night in Beverly Hills, where Jennifer Aniston was honored with two Artists Inspiration Awards.
Courteney Cox, 55, gushed backstage and said: She inspires me every day. She is incredible.

And Friends love-fest ain’t stopped there, as Cox reunited with their other co-star Matthew Perry earlier that day and she shared the proof of their reunion to Instagram with a sweet selfie they took together at lunch.

The selfie captioned: ‘Guess who I had lunch with today…I KNOW!! Could I BE any happier? #realfriends (sic)’

When Jennifer asked about the picture, the 50-year-old actress joked: I know! How come we don’t get invited to that? In one of her acceptance speeches, the star recalled her debut acting role in a commercial for the restaurant chain Bob’s Big Boy, and how it ‘changed [her] life forever’ as she was accepted into the SAG-AFTRA union.

She told: I played the waitress at the tacky competitor serving up fast seafood, which is two things that should never ever go together.
My big line was, The shrimp’s up! It felt, honestly, like the greatest day that had ever, ever existed. That was it. It changed my life. I finally got in.

The actress says every job she’s ever had has made an impact, including her 1993 big-screen debut in Leprechaun as Tory Redding alongside Warwick Davis in the titular role.

The star added: It was a huge moment. I was officially a working actor. I was part of a community of actors. Every day and every job I’ve had since then feels like the greatest day that I’ve ever had. 

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