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Keanu Reeves’ Love Interest With Alexandra Grant Pulled Him Out Of His Life’s Darkest Phase!

Keanu Reeves has confirmed to the fans who are currently rejoicing about his girlfriend who is an artist and her name is Alexandra Grant. He made a first public appearance with her while holding hands. This made their relationship more official.

Keanu has lost his girlfriend in a car accident and ever since then, he has been in solitude. But then he found Alexandra who is spiritual and sensitive. She helped him pull himself out of a dark phase.

Sources have told that Alexandra Grant is one of the few people that managed to get Keanu open about himself, his past and his emotions. They say that Keanu had been in a very dark place but Alexandra’s positive looks to life and her strong support have helped Keanu to turn his life around. Some sources even say that Alexandra has not only stolen his but also she has saved him too.

It has been a very long time since the two of them have known each other. They first met in the year 2009 at a dinner party. Alexandra even collaborated with Keanu in his first book, Ode To Happiness, which was written by him and illustrated by Grant.

The pair teamed up once again in the year 2016 for Keanu’s book Shadows after the release of which Keanu started his own publishing house which was Los Angeles based named as X Artists’ Books and it was started in the year 2017.

Keanu must be really in love with Alexandra as he has never ever his career of thirty-five years, gone on a red carpet while holding a woman’s hand and posed as a romantic couple given that Reeves is very, very secretive about his personal life and does not like to share much of it.

The two of them looked so much in love and we are really very happy for Keanu as long he is happy.

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