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Michigan Woman Goes Missing After Informing Her Friend During A Call That Two Men Are Shooting At Her

Michigan agents seeking a missing woman answered to the woman’s remote cabin after being informed she was concerned in a shootout with two men.

Information that Adrienne Quintal may have been included in a shootout before she disappeared emerged Saturday, adding a new twist in the 47-year-old women’s strange disappearance five weeks ago from the cabin in Honor, a half-hour’s drive southwest of Traverse City.

Quintal hasn’t been noticed or heard from since she made a desperate phone call from the cabin on Oct. 17 at 2:34 a.m., deputies told.

The Benzie County Sheriff’s Office told for the first time Saturday that the person on the other end of the line was a family companion.

“The family friend described to Benzie Dispatch Adrienne Quintal was involved in a shootout with 2 men,” the sheriff’s office told in a news release. “The friend added that Adrienne told her she had shot one of the men in the face, that the other one was shooting at her and she was shooting back at them.”

Quintal then asked her friend to call the police, according to the news release. Deputies told they came at 3:15 a.m. after first reacting to an incorrect address the friend gave them.

Investigators discovered bullet holes in the front window and a bullet hole in the ceiling, leading them to think Quintal was shooting something from inside the house.

But, the investigation has not turned up anything to recommend anyone was shot, or that gunshots were fired from the outside in, the station reported.

During a search of the property, investigators discovered Quintal’s licensed gun and the phone she applied to call the friend on the roof of the cabin.

There have been leads but no answers, Schendel told, according to the station.

“We’ve been catching up on every lead every tip and it leads us down a path and we hit a dead end,” Schendel stated.

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