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More Than 100 People Left Mexico Rural Community After Attack That Killed Nine Family Members!

It is reported that more than 100 people have left the rural Mexican community on Saturday after the deadly deception that killed nine family members.

The families came at a gas station in Douglas near the port of entry, loading up on gas and receiving food before heading for Tuscon and Phoenix.

Bryce Langford, who faced such circumstances as he lost members of his family in the attack, told that most families are traveling to Phoenix and some to Tuscon, for now, but they aren’t sure where they will settle down for a long duration.

Langford was raised in La Mora, Mexico, but lives in North Dakota now. He said that it wasn’t easy for his family to leave the land they’ve civilized for more than 50 years and reside in the U.S.

“The assets that they’ve acquired down there are tremendous, And to have to up and leave from one day to the next and leave all that behind, there’s a lot of sad people here.”

Other families in the Mormon community living in the two hamlets in Mexico’s Sonora state, La Mora and Colonia LeBaron, plan to depart in the coming days.

Around nine women and children were killed in the attack that authorities have said were done by hitmen from cartels.

Langford told that he was on his way to visit his brother at a hospital in Tucson. Langford’s mother, Dawna Ray Langford, and two of her sons, aged 11 and 2, were killed in the attack. Her husband and 11 children survive her.

Another of his brothers reportedly hid six children in the brush and walked to La Mora to get help.

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