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Ohio Dad Stabbed His 6-Year-Old Boy With A Kitchen Knife

North College Hill police are struggling to find out why a dad would stab his 6-year-old boy in the chest. The boy is in the hospital with a punctured lung.

Now, the father is locked up in the Hamilton County Jail on numerous charges. Police said the suspect’s mom told them he has psychic health issues, but cops want to know what could have probably triggered him to stab his own son.

“We’re just happy that the kid is alright, and he’s doing good,” Officer Andrew Mirizzi said. Mirizzi is seeking to figure out why a father would stab his 6-year-old boy in the chest inside a residence along West Galbraith Road.

Police said deputies got a report at about 11:30 p.m. Saturday from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital that the small boy had been stabbed with a kitchen knife at his grandmother’s flat by Herb Price, 38. “All of a sudden, she discovered a whining, like someone was injured in the back room. So, she stepped into the back room and saw Mr. Herb Price rising over the victim with a knife,” Mirizzi said. Police said no one dialed 911.

They told WLWT that rather the grandmother took the hurt child to his mom’s house and the mother then took the son to Children’s Hospital where doctors detected the boy had a punctured lung. Prosecutors said he only needed stitches.

Police are working to understand out why the situation got so drastic. Officers said the grandma told them Price has psychic health issues.

“He was upset about not getting money. She thinks that’s what led to the dispute that took place at her home,” Mirizzi said. Police said Price was brought to a psychiatric emergency hospital.

They said they didn’t fill Price with attempted murder, instead opting for unlawful assault and endangering children charges as his psychic state is unclear.

“It’s a terrible event and we’re going to try our ablest to make sure everyone is OK,” Mirizzi said. The grandmother refused to talk with WLWT about what occurred.

Online court records reveal Price has a criminal history, including charges of disruptive conduct, aggravated theft and having weapons under inability in past years. Price is set to meet a judge for arraignment in Hamilton County Court on Monday daylight.

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