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The NYPD Is Investigating A Murder-suicide After Three People Were Shot In Brooklyn

A Brooklyn resident was murdered by her suicidal ex-boyfriend and her boyfriend was wounded in what resembles to be the city’s 3rd murder-suicide in less than a week, police said.

Janet Duncan, 24-year-old, was found murdered inside her home on Utica Ave.in Flatlands at approximately 2 p.m. Her killer, Darnell Solomon, 30-year-old, was discovered in the same residence with a gunshot injury to his head, police officers said.

Both were conveyed to Kings County Hospital, where they were declared dead on arrival.

Darnell Solomon was visiting Duncan when he found her with her new boyfriend. Enraged, he fired the gun on both of them before ending his own life, police officers said in a statement.

The boyfriend, 33-year-old, whose identity has not been published, was taken to Brookdale Hospital with a gunshot wound to the trunk. His status was stable, police officers stated.

A next-door-neighbor alerted police officers to the scene after hearing a set of gunshots and then observing a man bleeding, the police officers said in a statement.

Janet Duncan’s aunt, who did not want her name publicized, reported her niece as an aspiring young woman with a brilliant future. She said the victim’s family members in Grenada are troubled.

She used to study biology, but she changed over to teaching,” the aunt said, continuing that Janet served with young kids at a charter school.

Her mother is back home,” in Grenada, the aunt told. “She keeps calling and calling … I’m just attempting to hold it collectively. I can not do anything, can’t lead her back. She’s now gone.”

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