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Two People Dead In New Jersey After A Porsche Crashes Into A Building’s Second Floor

A speeding driver missed the control of his red Porsche convertible and hit a median in New Jersey on Sunday, sending the car flying into the second floor of a commercial building and executing both himself and a passenger, according to the police.

22-year-old, driver, Braden DeMartin and his passenger, Daniel Foley, 23, were declared dead at the scene in Toms River, authorities told.

Police told DeMartin was driving at a high rate of speed at about 6:30 a.m. when the 2010 Porsche Boxster struck a center median, ploughed into an embankment and went airborne.

The sports car flew at least 15 feet in the air before crashing into a real-estate office on the second floor of the brick building at Hooper and Beatrice avenues.

There were skid marks streaking across 4 lanes of traffic near the building, but police told there were no eyewitnesses to the gravity-defying crash. Nobody was inside the building at the moment.

The mangled convertible remained lodged upside down partially inside the offices of Exit Realty for some hours as a crowd of stunned onlookers gathered.

Authorities remained for several hours to make sure the building was structurally sound before going inside to examine the damage.

Firefighters eventually removed the vehicle from the building Sunday afternoon. Ocean County Prosecutor Bradley Billhimer attended the scene.

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