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Woman Molested And Murdered After Accepting A Ride From Stranger!

A 24-year-old woman made the biggest mistake of her life as she accepted a ride home from a stranger after her motorcycle broke down. Later then she only to be found molested and murdered five days later.

The victim was approached by a man on a motorcycle when her own motorcycle had broken down in Kalabakan, Sabah around 5 pm on Nov 3.

The man, in his 40s, had tried helping her fix the bike before offering to send her home when he could not repair it.

She agreed to follow him and left her motorcycle by the roadside.

The suspect declined to listen and about 1km away from her quarters near an oil palm estate, he halted and pulled her into some bushes before molesting her.

The woman tried to scream but the man choked her and left her half-naked lifeless body to be found five days later by an estate guard.

Tawau OCPD Asst Comm Peter Umbuas said police nabbed the man at 10.48 pm the same day the woman’s body was discovered.

“We are investigating the case for murder,” he said.

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