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Chris Evans Says He’s Often Looking For An Escape Route To Leave Acting, Despite Absolutely Loving What He Does For A Living

Chris Evans who has always enacted as Captain America, the captain of the Avengers team that always saves the world, chatted with his co-star, The Black Widow which is enacted by the actress Scarlett Johansson in The Marvel Cinematic Universe for the Variety’s “Actor and Actors” series and has revealed an interesting news about how he is not quite sure of taking himself to retirement just yet or if he should continue doing what he does. He says that he is not very sure of it.

Chris shared that after every couple of months he decides that he is done acting but also this has been his thing for decades now and that he is always looking for a way out but is completely in love with what he does.

This star, who is 38 years in age, has made a huge splash onto the movie scene after performing a breakout role in the movie Not Another Teen Movie which released in the year 2001, at the time when Chris Evans was of 19 years of age. After this movie, he continued his role in the Fantastic Four in the year 2005 that ensured his roster status among the actors who are viable for the role of a superhero.

A different style of bankable media has now got Evans’ interests and he is trying his hand in it. It is the TV series named as Defending Jacob in which he enacts the role of a father whose son is accused of murder charges. It is an upcoming limited series for the Apple TV+.

Evans shared his views and said that the business can lack new ideas and innovations at various times and he is sure that he will turn to other avenues where showcasing his talents are pretty easy or if there is no chance, he will graciously bow out that business when the opportunities for him becomes narrow.

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