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Daycare Worker Accused Of Killing 4-Month-Old Who Wouldn’t Stop Crying!

It is reported that a Delaware daycare worker has been arrested on a murder charged in the death of an infant of 4-month-old under her care.

Investigators discovered that 19-year-old Dejoynay Ferguson put her hands over the 4-month-old girl’s mouth and the infant’s nose and intentionally restricted the infant from breathing, a Delaware State Police news statement states.

The 4-month-old girl was declared dead at a hospital later on Thursday.

Court documents say that the surveillance video at Little People Child Development Center in Bear shows Ferguson pick up the 4-month-old baby by the front of her shirt and place the baby on a changing table.

A source stated that Ferguson said to police that she had grasped the child by the shirt because the baby was “fussy” and the baby wouldn’t stop crying.

Ferguson put the child back into a crib after the girl became “unresponsive” and Ferguson did not inform the daycare’s owner about the baby as the baby is not responding until about 20 minutes later of the incident, police stated.

Ferguson, a New Castle resident, was charged for Skilling the baby with first-degree murder and she has been kept to jailed from Friday on $1 million cash bail.

The state Office of Child Care Licensing has suspended the license of the daycare center.

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