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Evil Mum who Avoided Prison For Starving Her Newborn Baby To Death ‘Lets Second Baby Choke To Death In Car Seat!

A MUM who ducked jail for starving her newborn son has now killed her baby daughter after she choked to death in her car seat.

Summer Rose Kazzee was arrested on negligent homicide last Thursday over the death of nine-month-old Lucy Weber.

Kazzee reportedly strapped Lucy into her modified car seat in a bid to make her go to sleep in August.

She alleges she left Lucy “rocking herself to sleep” as she went to the living room on the other side of the house.

The mum said she when she counted on Lucy 30 minutes later she found her unconscious with “the thing”, which refers to the seat’s top buckle, in her baby girl’s throat.

The law enforcers who were called to the scene marked a blanket in the car seat and the mum reportedly confessed to used it to tie the seat’s bottom buckle so Lucy “would not mess with it”.

Kazzee allegedly made the dangerous alteration to the car seat despite revealing Lucy had never opened the bottom buckle herself.

Kazzee was jailed for three years, but later put on parole, after her son was rushed to hospital in July 2016 weighing less than when he was born.

The mum and her partner Kody Weber insisted they fed the boy, who was not Weber’s son, and that his illness was beyond their control.

Jurors agreed with a doctor who said the baby’s condition was a result of “external causes” such as not being fed enough.

Weber pleaded guilty and was sentenced to six years in jail for role in the baby’s death.

Doctors were able to save the little boy, and his health dramatically improved after he was placed in foster care.

Weber is due to be arraigned on the manslaughter charge next week and is being held in jail without bond until then.

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