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Man Shot Woman’s Boyfriend To Death After Demanding Money Back For ‘Intimate Act’

A man is arrested for shooting a woman’s boyfriend after asking his money back from intimate workers in north St. Louis County on Saturday.

Police said Eric Moore Jr. had admitted paying $60 to a body slave for oral intimate at a Budget Inn in Spanish Lake. Moore went to the hotel and paid another lady the money in exchange for an intimate act. Police said at some point, Moore was not satisfied for the short time he held in exchange for the money and demanded the cashback.

Moore was with three ladies in room 235 at the time. Police said Moore then dragged out a gun and demanded the money until one of the women handed the cash back to him.

The women then cried and one of their boyfriends, Darren Woods, came into the room to see what was happening. Woods was in room 234 ere then. Police said Moore ended up shooting Woods many times, including to the head.

Woods was declared dead on the scene. He was 27 years old. Police said Moore left the place after shooting Woods and was later arrested at his mother’s house where he also lives.

A gun was recovered at Moore’s home and police said it matched the shell casing from the crime spot at the inn. Police said Moore confessed to shooting Woods. Moore was filled with second-degree manslaughter, armed criminal action, and first-degree robbery. Moore is being taken on a $300,000 bond.

Police said officers were reported to the Budget Inn on 1405 Dunn Road around 9:10 a.m. Saturday to examine the murder.

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