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‘My Mother Is Trying To Stab Me To Death’ Spine-Chilling 911 Call From 7-Year-Old Whose Mother Was Trying To Kill Him

Police in Nevada has issued terrifying 911 audio and body camera footage from a fatal encounter in October. Local media outlets reported that 37-year-old Claudia Nadia Rodriguez was killed during a struggle after Henderson police officers returned to a 911 disconnect call.

According to KSNV, before the call hung up, the 7-year-old boy could be listened saying, “My mom is trying to kill me,” and “Please! Don’t hurt me, please!”

When officers came at the home, the boy stumbled out of the door coated in blood. Police say he was stabbed by his mom.

An officer entered the apartment and started coping with the mother, who was incoherent and armed with a knife. She managed to get a clutch of the officer’s weapon and fired a bullet. As the pair fought, at least three gunshots were shot, and at least one of the bullets knocked Rodriguez, killing her. The police officers were not hurt. The woman’s son underwent an emergency operation and was supposed to survive.

Clark County District Court reports show Rodriguez and Brandon (boy’s father) were involved in a controversial custody struggle in 2017 over their son. A Department of Family Services report received by the Review-Journal reveals that Rodriguez had been on their radar for the past two years.

The department collected seven referrals about Rodriguez’s and Brandon’s son since June 2017. The most recent case, made on May 14 of this year, alleged abuse of the son, but the allegation could not be proved, the Review-Journal reported.

In Brandon’s February 2017 petition attempting primary custody of their son, he alleged that Rodriguez had a record of domestic violence and that she had hurt, both physically and mentally, her two older children from a previous relationship, court documents received by the newspaper show.

Rodriguez told the court Brandon was moving up allegations to take the boy away from her, the Review-Journal said. As of December 2017, the parents had joint custody of the son.

Rodriguez had been held four times since 2015 on domestic battery charges, Henderson city court documents show. She was sentenced in January 2017 of a misconduct charge, the newspaper reported.

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