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NASA Spots Asteroid From Far Away Which Might Cause ‘Potential Damage On Collision

One mile wide asteroid which means a massive that has its own moon has been labeled as ‘potentially hazardous’ by Scientists. This frozen space rock is the target of an extensive observing campaign supported by the Planetary Defence Coordination Office of NASA as it passes the Earth nine times a year.

It is known as the 1999 KW4 has been listed as a ‘potentially hazardous asteroid’ by the Minor Planet Centre. The giant asteroid named 1999 KW4, which is also called 66391 Moshup, which comes from a Native American legend of a giant named Moshup who warned the Native Americans not to let the European settlers come ashore.

The Native neglecting the warning determined to help the newcomers who had landed on Plymouth Rock by giving them corn and turkey over the cold winter of the colonists the first year in the New World. IAWN coordinated a cross-organizational observing campaign of the asteroid 1999 KW4 as it flew near, moving a minimum distance of 5.2 million km, 4.8 million miles on 25 May 2019.

Consequently, the asteroid did not pose any risk to our planet. As its orbit is well-known, experts were able to predict this fly-by space rock and provide the observing campaign.
Although forecasts are that there will be an extremely close approach in astronomical measures is on 25 May 2036. It will move within 0.01552 Astronomical units of the planet about 1.4 million miles.

The asteroid 1999 KW4 last time skimmed past our planet was in May 25th 2019; sped past Earth at 21 km/s passing by as close as 13.5 times the distance from Earth to the Moon (3.2 million miles). It is the sixth of a series of nine close approaches to the Earth every year; all around the later part of May or early June.

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