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Pedophile Molested 5-Year-Old & Filmed Whole Disgusting Incident

A man physically assaulted a 5-year-old girl and made a video of the gruesome act. This man molested the 5-year-old girl and filmed the child abuse video. The case occurred back in 2013.

The man mixed narcotics in the food of her relatives just to molested the girl and make filmed for the gruesome act so that he can blackmail and torture her family for money and other favors. The man was also a narcotics supplier, so he was very familiar with the narcotics and the dosages so he could easily mix the narcotics in the food of the family so that they got unconscious.

After making the family unconscious, he took the girl forcefully and molest her and made the video. The case entered the court and because of low evidence, the case got dismissed by the court.

In 2017, the solid evidence of child abuse video was obtained with huge difficulties and was presented in the court. The court processes then began with a fresh beginning. The case was reopened again and the judicial proceedings began.

The video was titled as the fake evidence that was used against the Eric Weiler, 46, who abused the girl and was charged against the child abuse.

After all, the court processes and judiciary procedures passed, the court sentenced Eric Weiler, 46, to 60 years in prison in the month of October 2019.

The 5-year-old girl who got molested in childhood is now 11-years-old. After six years, the girl finally got justice.

Though it was the drawback of the judiciary system as they did the final decision after six years.

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