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Teenager, 16, Almost Died After ‘Smoking’ Caused Immense Damage In Less Than 5 Months

People should consider e-vaping as safer than smoke at their “peril,” NHS doctors have said, after healing a teenage vaper who almost died from “catastrophic” respiratory failure.

Ewan Fisher was put on life support aged only 16 after undergoing an allergic inflammatory reaction, which could have taken his life.

The teenager was hurried to the Accident & Emergency department of Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust after becoming seriously sick.

He was operated for hypersensitivity pneumonitis – a type of allergic reaction which occurs in infection of the lung tissue.

The young man became so sick that he was put on a type of life support in which an outside artificial lung puts oxygen into the blood and pumps it throughout the body.

Writing in the review Archives Of Disease In Childhood, doctors told the “previously well young person done with a catastrophic respiratory illness,” which put his life at risk.

They said the trigger was likely to have been an immune acknowledgment to a chemical in e-smoke fluid, calling for far more warning over the use of e-cigarettes.

Mr. Fisher, who turns 19 today, urged others to stay off from vaping, warning that his sickness – which took 14 months to regain from – had almost killed him. Scientists are becoming increasingly divided over whether vaping is harmless or not.

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