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The Husband And Son Of Dawna Langford Spoke Out On Their Family’s Tragedy After Members Of A Mexican Drug Cartel Murdered Her

Dawna Langford’s husband and son spoke out on their family’s misfortune after members of a Mexican drug cartel killed her and other family members on a Sonoran highway last week.

13-year-old Devin Langford hiked 14 miles from the site of the shootings to get help, after protecting injured siblings, he and his father David told the show on Monday, November 11.

I was just thinking of my mother and my other siblings,” he said, telling “The Story” he transferred 2 siblings a short distance but had to hold.

We walked plausibly a couple of yards probably twenty yards and then we got them backward of a tree right there and they were wounded so I started walking.”

His father told the show host that he was in Arizona at the moment of the massacre, describing the occurrence of an “act of terrorism.”

To me, this was an act of terrorism against our society,” the father said.

We’re a little society but we’re a quiet society that’s been safe we’ve been there for over sixty years.”

Last week, at least 6 kids and 3 women living in that faith-based society of United State citizens in Mexico were murdered to end in the northerly part of the country.

Alfonso Durazo, Mexico’s top security administrator, affirmed the 6 deaths, adding that 6 more kids were injured in the shooting, with 5 transferred to hospitals in Phoenix, Arizona.

On the show “The Story,” David Langford stated members of his society have never had run-ins with police enforcement or the drug cartels.

David continued many members of his society near Bavispe who have retreated to the United States permanently, out of anxiety.

Most of them left us with no plan of returning,” David Langford stated.

There were a lot of heroes that evening that endangered their lives… to protect my children,” David continued, adding Devin is an individual of those heroes.

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