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Will There Be A ‘The Boys’ Season 2? Jack Quaid Says That “No One Is Ready” For A Season 2

There is this massive tapestry of the release of comic book-inspired TV series, ranging from A to Z, from all age fair to mature content. One such show named The Boys fits itself pretty comfortably in the latter part of the content spectrum. This series arrived earlier this year on Amazon Prime. It draws its inspiration from the Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson series which is of the same name shows us a group of ragtag vigilantes, who are set out in the world to get revenge on the corrupt superheroes that are existent.

Season 1 of this series, brought to us, a bloody and a bizarre narration that is fully packed with action and it is not quite wrong to say that the audience resonated with it. Until next year, we will not be able to see any details or updates for season 2 and that is quite sure.

Recently, Jack Quaid has spoken some positive words about where things are going to head next which acted as an ailment to the curiosities of the fans. In a chat with Quaid about Netflix’s Harvey Girls Forever, he teased about what fans can expect to see in season 2 of the series.

Jack Quaid who enacts the character of Hugh Campbell said with an exclamation that oh man! No one is yet ready for a second season. He said that it is just absolutely bonkers and that he will just put it in this way that the scale is a lot bigger.

He thinks that they have topped the season 1 of the show with respect to insane moments employed that makes the audience say “What the Hell?” in excitement. He says the number of things that he has done in this series is definitely the firsts that he has ever done in his career. He thinks that he would probably not do it again. Adding, he continued that all of it was definitely a moment for him. Concluding, he added that you probably will not understand it now, but when you will see it, you will know.

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