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14 Fraternities Suspended After Death Of ‘Freshman’ Student At San Diego State University

San Diego State University has suspended fourteen fraternities subsequent a student was wounded and later died, following a fraternity function.

Dylan Hernandez was taken to hospital and later university police took a 911 call regarding a student in need of medical care at a residence hall early Thursday morning, according to San Diego State President Adela de la Torre. He was brought to the hospital, where he expired Friday after his roommate had found him pulseless, according to the medical investigator.

The university president told Saturday she was putting all 14 fraternities under the Interfraternity Council, more generally referred to as IFC, under instant suspension.

The school declared Monday that Hernandez had died, but did not reveal the cause of his wounds or his cause of death.

“His family presented their goodbyes late Sunday night,” de la Torre told in a campus-wide email. “The family has granted the university permission now to share this information, and we are working to help them during this incredibly stressful time.”

Campus committee did not find out any fraternity in the Hernandez matter but said that the university police search showed allegations “that a fraternity was involved in probable misconduct.”

“The university will continue the organizations under suspension while it holds next steps,” de la Torre said Saturday. “Each of us, including our students, must support the highest standards that do not put the health and safety of anyone at danger.”

San Diego State University has 46 acknowledged fraternities and sororities figuring more than 3,600 student members, according to the campus student activities website. The 14 fraternities under suspension are included of more than 1,400 students.

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