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53-Year-Old Babysitter Who ‘Physically Abused’ A Girl, 6, On Christmas Eve Walks Free After 20 Months

A babysitter who molested a six-year-old girl on Christmas Day and repeats on New Year’s Day will walk free from jail in merely 20 months.

Paul Rognvald Groundwater, 53, was convicted to 3 and a half years jail, suspended after 20 months, for the charges in Brisbane District Court on Tuesday, according to the Fraser Coast Chronicle.

The court learned Groundwater forced the girl to perform oral sensuality on him while her parents were at a Christmas party in December 2016 and anew on New Year’s Day 2017 when they were at Archerfield highway.

Despite pleading not guilty throughout the four-day trial, the court determined Groundwater wrong of two counts of molestation and a further four counts of the shameful treatment of a child under 12.

Prosecutor Steven Dickson said the accused had revealed ‘no remorse’ and the girl was so young she ‘doesn’t fully grasp the gravity of what has fallen to her’.

‘It’s had an effect on her where she has discoursed innocently to people her own age about the offending,’ he said.

He also said the girl’s parents have been affected by the offending, criticizing themselves and being troubled by stress, anxiety, and anger.

Defense barrister Joshua Jones said Groundwater had been the purpose of bullying in the two months he has been in charge.

‘He has contributed many, if not most days, in solitary confinement guarded against those that have been physically assaulting him and those that have tried to extort him and his family.

‘He came here in court today to be met by a defendant downstairs who was calling him a dog,’ Mr. Jones told.

Judge Nathan Jarro said the offending was ‘blatant’ and ‘predatory’ when returning down his sentence.

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