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A Connecticut Man Accused Of Killing A Hotel Worker While On Vacation In Anguilla Did Not Return To The British Carribean Territory For A Court Hearing

A Connecticut resident indicted in the death of a hotel worker in Anguilla has refused to revert to the British Caribbean territory for the newest pretrial hearing.

Scott Hapgood had been retreating to the island for court appearances, but on Monday, he mentioned concerns about his well-being.

Scott and his family members say a hotel worker, Kenny Mitchel, showed up at their place unannounced during their April holiday and asked money before attacking them. Kenny Mitchel died and Scott Hapgood was charged with homicide.

Scott declares the incident was in self-defense. Scott described to the police that Mitchel’s response was very irregular and he breathed like alcohol. 

Kenny Mitchel perished hours later. The primary cause of death of asphyxiation, but that turned after a toxicology report found Kenny had double the lethal dose of controlled substances in his body, plus alcohol. 

Now, death is considered as a narcotic overdose. 

Scott Hapgood’s case is at a crucial point. A judge will determine this week whether this matter will progress to a trial.

Scott Hapgood and his attorney have always been worried that Anguillan officials were not being honest, and he says a return to the island indicates he could end up in jail for a year waiting for a trial.

Scott will now follow his family’s wishes, determining not to revert to Anguilla this week to handle the homicide charge.

Scott proclaimed the decision on Monday morning in a press release, expressing concerns about both safety and fairness.

His attorney announced in a statement, “There is nothing Hapgood wants more than to clean his name and get his living back. But he can’t clear his name if he is dead, or if the judicial process by which he is treated is fundamentally biased and unfair.”

It’s an interest to his family had also been asserting for some time.

What we’re most scared of is that they will determine to evoke him to jail, expecting he would be held on the island,” said Darcy Buehler in a statement.

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