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A Former St. Louis Cop Pleaded Guilty In Federal Court For Assaulting A Fellow Officer Who He Thought Was A Demonstrator During A Protest In 2017

A retired St. Louis cop presented guilty in federal court Friday, November 8, to attacking a fellow deputy who he assumed was a demonstrator during a demonstration in 2017, as per the Department of Justice.

Randy Hays, 32-year-old, faces one count of handling extravagant and excessive force against another St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department deputy.

Luther Hall, the deputy stated to have been overlooked for a demonstrator, was hidden during demonstrations in downtown St. Louis over the acquittal of a former St. Louise Metropolitan Police Department deputy, Jason Stockley, on a state homicide charge, the DOJ said.

Jason Stockley was caught on a dashcam fatally killing Anthony Lamar Smith. Jason Stockley’s release sparked weeks of demonstrations, proposing the use of the SLMPD’s Civil Disobedience squad.

Officers Randy Hays, Christopher Myers, Dustin Boone, and Bailey Colletta were on that squad when they reportedly mistook the hidden officer for a protester, struck him, then attempted to cover it up, the sources report.

Text messages indicated by the station were helpful in their accusation, which said the deputies “expressed hatred for the Stockley protesters and enthusiasm about using force upon them and going undetected while performing so.”

Federal officials also caught a text from Randy Hays which supposedly read “Going rogue does feel good,” the sources report.

Colletta presented guilty in September to engaging perjury in combination with the assault. Myers and Boone remain under accusation on federal charges. Both have declared not guilty. Their trial is registered for early next month.

Per Randy Hays’ plea agreement, he must relinquish his law enforcement certification in extension to facing a maximum ten-year prison punishment. No conviction date has been registered.

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