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A Long Island Woman Has Been Arrested For Allegedly Harassing An Upstate Tot Who Suffers From A Rare Genetic Condition That Causes Her Skin To Crack When Exposed To Air

A Long Island resident has been detained for allegedly harassing an upstate child who experiences from an uncommon genetic condition that makes her skin to crack when presented to air, police department state.

I have no purpose why she decided to do this,” the two-year-old child’s mom, Jennie Riley, told sources on Sunday, referring to twenty-six-year-old suspect Krista Sewell.

This last year has had several tough moments, but we have great comfort in knowing that she has been detained,” the Riley for Sewell.

Riley’s girl, Anna, was born with an ailment known as “harlequin ichthyosis,” which makes her skin to harden and split as soon as it is presented to air. The severe cracking produces open wounds all across the body that can relate those of harlequin characters’ diamond-shaped dress designs.

The child’s everyday care routine involves 3 hours a day in a particular moisturizing bath, extra hour getting her hair brushed to stop her follicles from getting clogged and more extra time having lotion utilized all across her body, her mother told the sources in October.

Jennie Riley chronicles her child’s life on a social media page titled “Hope for Anna.”

The Ulster County mother wrote on social media on Friday that she and her child, as well as another ichthyosis victim, had been targeted by a hater.

Innumerable messages, emails, and remarks have been sent to us all enough to graphic to share. It is not only not ok to transfer these kinds of messages it’s also unlawful,” Riley wrote.

State police busted Sewell on Thursday for supposedly terrorizing the young child on social media site and GoFundMe page and in letters posted to her family’s residence.

Sewell was indicted with felony exacerbated harassment as a hate crime and is being kept at the Ulster County prison in place of $25,000 cash collateral or $50,000 bond. Sewell did not instantly respond to a demand for remark through the prison, and a relative hung up on the sources when they tried to reach by phone on Sunday.

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