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After The Birth Of Twins, People Can’t Believe They Are Related Based On Their Looks

Donna and Vince were so delighted when Donna’s sonogram unveiled they were having twins. But when Lucy and Maria were born in 1997, everyone in the delivery room did a total double-take. 

Though the twins were born to the same mother and father, Maria was born with a caramel complexion, brown eyes, and curly brown hair. Lucy has pale skin, red hair, and blue eyes.

At first sight, one would guess these girls were best friends and not twin sisters. Amazingly, they are both!

Vince is white and Donna is half-Jamaican, and while Lucy and Maria have 3 other siblings — all with alike skin tones — they were born at opposite ends of the spectrum.

As Lucy and Maria grew older, they were no strangers to odd glances, rude comments, and bullying from their peers. The sisters tell no one ever thinks they’re actually twins; friends have even made them show their birth certificates to prove it.

While Donna began out dressing them in matching outfits like other twins, the girls’ individual styles and personalities started to shine through by the time they were 10.

Today, Lucy and Maria’s story has encouraged and attracted millions of people from all over the world.

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