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British Granny Won $1.3 Million Lottery Moments Before Discovering She Beats Cancer

A British granny was left completely dumbstruck last month later discovering she won the lottery for nearly $1.3 million only 10 minutes after discovering out she was free of breast cancer, reports The Sun.

Lynne Price, 55, had just begun digesting her positive scan results when her partner, David, rushed home from work to tell they’d won 1 million pounds from EuroMillions’ Millionaire Maker.

“I can’t tell you what I said, it’s too harsh, but I was in complete shock,” said Lynne, of New Tredegar in southern Wales. “I was shivering and totally lost for words, which never happens.” And while shifting a millionaire is excellent, David, 53, said hearing his wife’s diagnosis was even pleasanter.

“I went home to show Lynne but she had some great news of her own. The letter stating she had the all-clear is worth more than a million to me,” he told. Overcome with joy, Lynne caught a nice long bath to soak in all the good news.

“I went and had a bath for 2 hours and just lay there seeking to take it all in,” said the lucky laundry worker. The couple, who have three children, ages 32, 26 and 24, and one 11-year-old grandson, have played the lotto for years to no avail.

“We’ve been preparing the lottery since it began — you put your money on but you don’t really wait to win a million,” said David. Meantime, Lynne was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 and sustained treatment over the past four years.

The happy couple plan to mark their big win and 33rd anniversary next month while going out of the country. Their goal is to ultimately make it to China as well. In May, David is intending to climb Mount Everest through a three-week expedition, which he was apt to pay off in total.

This is, bizarrely, the third big cash win for their house. They are distantly linked to Ade Goodchild, 58, who won 71 million pounds (roughly $91,285,000) into the EuroMillions in March, and David’s sis struck it rich in the 1990s.

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