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Father-Daughter Duo Held For Kidnapping And Physically Assaulting Lady In California Desert

Stanley Alfred Lawton,54, and his child, Shaniya Poche Lawton,22, were held Friday after they allegedly kidnapped a Las Vegas lady in her 40s, raped then tied her with duct tape and left the lady for dead in the Antelope Valley desert. The victim was saved by military personnel Wednesday while they were doing a routine sweep of the region near Edwards Air Force Base Camp.

Officials say the lady was left without food, water and hurt from being exposed to the elements in the desert. She was brought to a local hospital for treatment. The father-daughter duo purportedly kidnapped the victim at gunpoint on Oct.30 and took her to their house in Palmdale, California.

She was kept in a room where the duo repeatedly raped her and forced her to take out cash at various ATMs. The Los Angeles County Sheriff Office did not reveal how much money was withdrawn from the victim. The pair knew the woman but a purpose is currently unknown. Stanley was captured Wednesday and his daughter was placed into custody early Thursday.

The pair meets kidnapping, robbery, attempted homicide, rape and three counts of first-degree robbery charges. They may resemble in federal court due to the victim being carried across state lines. A courtroom date is scheduled for Nov.12.

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