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How Shocking, A Model Give Birth To A Child Without Knowing She Was Pregnant

A model in Melbourne who had no thought that she was pregnant gave birth to a healthful baby girl on a bathroom floor.

23-year-old Erin Langmaid suddenly became a mother two weeks ago when she surprisingly welcomed daughter Isla to the world, despite revealing no signs of pregnancy.

The model had been working full time and taking preventive injections in the lead up to the birth. She revealed no signs of pregnancy, with no sickness, baby bump or cravings, and only felt sick on the time when Isla was born.

Ms. Langmaid could still fit into all of her clothes in the lead up to the birth. She went to the bathroom, and 10 minutes later was holding Isla in her arms, who weighed a healthy 3.6 kilograms.

‘It was the greatest shock of my life,’ Ms. Langmaid said.

Husband Dan Carty discovered the disturbance in the bathroom and was shocked at what he found inside.

‘I discovered a big scream, and I ran in there and opened the door, and I was concerned about her, and then I noticed the little one and I presumed ”hang on, there’s two”,’ Mr. Carty said.

‘When I ran in there, I was surprised,’ he said.

After the birth, Isla was not breathing and began turning blue, forcing Mr. Carty to make a frantic call to emergency services that preserved their baby girl’s life.

Isla was born at 37 weeks, with Ms. Langmaid having what is termed a cryptic pregnancy, which is where the mother does not discover out they are pregnant until very late.

One in 500 women does not understand they are pregnant until 20 weeks in. Despite the unexpected life change, the pair are thrilled with their new guest.

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