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In Toronto, A 2-Year-Old Girl Died By A Falling Air Conditioning Unit

On Monday, a 2-year-old girl was hit by a falling air conditioning unit and would later die from her wounds.

A 2-year-old girl died on Monday in Toronto when an air conditioning unit fell from an 8th-floor window and landed on the child’s stroller. Police tell the mother, who was pushing the stroller, was uninjured.

Paramedics brought the child to the hospital where she was later declared dead due to her injuries. Toronto Community Housing, which operates the building, told in a statement, “Our thoughts are with the family at this tough time and we give them our sincere condolences.”

The public housing agency told its tenants to place window air conditioners according to proper safety standards and to place over balconies, whenever feasible.

“Improperly installed window air conditioners are a serious safety danger to you and your family and can fall onto other people,” the Toronto Community Housing website alerts. It states on its website that citizens may be held responsible for improperly installed window air conditioners.

The housing provider told it is examining the incident and will take proper action once the facts are known.

Toronto police told that they will not be continuing a criminal investigation of the accident

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