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Monster Father Jailed For Physically Abusing His Daughter For a Decade From Age Four Could Walk Free In Six Years

An evil father who chained his daughter to the floor, gagged her with cable-ties, forced her to go to the toilet in a bucket and molested her from the age of four has been jailed, but the twist in the tales is that he could walk free in just six years.

The 69-year-old beat, molested and lowered his daughter repeatedly for more than a decade.

The man, whose identity is not revealed to protect his now-adult daughter’s identity, denied charges of physical assault at Perth District Court but admitted to being heavy-handed while controlling her.

When she was 14, the girl was indoctrinated for offending at school but went to a sleepover at a friend’s house regardless.

To discipline her, the man-made a handcuff from a chain and D-bolt which he pierced to the floor of her bedroom.

He made her put on her school uniform and used the manacle, handcuffs and cable ties to stop her from escaping.

The man left her there for more than 26 hours and fed her bread and water.

He forced her to shower in her underwear and urinate in a bucket, while chained.

When he took her out of the house, the father handcuffed the girl to the car with a plastic lid tied around her neck.

A message was written on the lid saying she was a runaway and instructing anyone who found her to call police.

After a call from a worried relative, police found her chained up in the house.

The teenager was so traumatized she wouldn’t help police with the investigation until she was 18.

During the trial, the distraught woman vomited while giving evidence.

He was found guilty of five charges of indecent assault, molestation and deprivation of liberty.

The man was jailed for eight years and will be eligible for parole in six. 

The court also gave him a life-long restraining order preventing him from contacting her or going within 50 meters of her house.

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