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NASA Issues Alert Over A Large Hurdling Towards Earth At 43,000MPH

NASA’s asteroid trackers have confirmed that four asteroids speeding past our planet earth today are locked-in on close approach trajectories The asteroids are individually approaching Earth’s location today. NASA’s stated the space rocks will come within hours of one another with the first appearing at 4.54 am GMT. Among the asteroids, the fastest of the tracked asteroids will be heading towards Earth tonight at speeds of more than 43,000mph.

The agency has named the four speedy rocks as Near-Earth Objects or NEO asteroids.  According to the agency, Near-Earth Objects(NEO) are all comets and asteroids that orbit the Sun with a distance of 1.3 AU.

The agency said: Some asteroids and comets follow orbital paths that take them much closer to the Sun and therefore Earth – than usual.
If a comet’s or asteroid’s approach brings it to within 1.3 astronomical units of the Sun, we call it a Near-Earth object.

The agency maintains a keen eye on asteroids to estimate their potential for impact. The first space rock to advance Earth today is the near-Earth asteroid 2019 VW1; the agency first tracked the rocky body on October 8 this year.  It is estimated to cover somewhere in the range of 62.3ft to 144.3ft (19m to 44m) across and flying through space at speeds of around 8.49km per second or 18,991mph (30,564kph). Expecting in Earth’s corner of space around 4.54 am GMT.

The next asteroid approached Earth is the NEO 2019 VK3; NASA’s observations made since November 2, VK3 is an Apollo-type asteroid which crosses Earth’s orbit on trajectories similar to that of 1862 Apollo. The space rock measures in the range of 62.3ft to 141ft (19m to 43m) in diameter and it is also the fastest of the swarm at about 19.52km per second or 43,664mph (70,272kph). It is appeared today around 6.28 am GMT.

The asteroid 2019 VN2 made its appearance around 12.36 pm GMT. The space rock sped towards our planet at speeds of around 3.77km per second or 8,433mph (13,572kph) and the agency estimates the rock measures in the range of 36ft to 78.7ft (11m to 24m) across. It is first tracked the asteroid on November 4 this year and it is an Amor-type rock.

Asteroid 2019 UB14 is the fourth asteroid to approach Earth today will make the closest flyby of the four. The asteroid is estimated to measure in the range of 55.7ft to 124.6ft (17m to 38m) across. The agency expects the asteroid to arrive close to Earth around 8.36 pm GMT and flying at the speeds of about 15.44km per second or 34,538mph (55,584kph).  It will create the closest approach to Earth tomorrow and closest at a distance of more than 1.16 million miles (1.87 million km).

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