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NASA Scientists Tested A ‘Special Material’ That Would Help Astronauts Build Houses On ‘Moon’

A document revealed that scientists have tested a very special material that will allow NASA to build the house of tomorrow on the moon and save astronaut’s lives. Cosmic rays harm astronauts onboard the International Space Station which is high-energy protons and atomic nuclei originate from the Sun in the outside of the Solar System, and even distant galaxies and move through space at the speed of light, infiltrating everything in their path. Experts at the Nuclear Physics research center (GSI) in Germany are currently working to find ways to resist this invisible threat and one of the measures see houses and bases created out of Moon rocks.

Last year the narrator said: In space, a big danger threatens astronaut’s lives which is cosmic rays that are capable of penetrating cells and destroying human DNA. 

But, on Earth, our planet’s magnetic field protects us from these harmful rays, when in space for six months, astronauts are exposed such which is a dose equivalent to over 600 chest X-Rays.

Before organizing a more extended trip to further away from our planet and its protective environment, experts from all over the world are striving to find ways to protect man.  Professor Durante, in Darmstadt, Germany, and his team study very special materials, identical sand to that found on Mars and on the Moon. “These Martian and Moon sand replicas interest them because they believe that one day man could use it to settle in space.”

Dr Marco Durante, head of the biophysics department said: If you go to the Moon, or go to Mars, you have plenty of this material around you, so you can build your shelters, you can build your houses with this material. The big question is if you build your shelter with this material on the planet, whether you can live safely inside or not.

Dr Durante concluded: The Moon [material] was slightly better than Mars, but it was a very small difference and both are better than aluminum. Aluminum, which is so common in spacecraft, is really bad, it’s too heavy to be a good shield. 

Imagine 50 years from now, one century from now, big colonies of humans going to the Moon, living on the Moon, which is almost inevitable. Then we will have to begin this kind of manufacturing. This is the house of tomorrow.

Umesh Kapoor
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