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NYPD Supervisor Accused Of Making Offensive Remarks To Fellow White Cop Because She Had A Black Boyfriend

A deputy in the New York Police Department claims in a lawsuit that a black lieutenant supervisor made racially and physically offensive criticisms toward her, in particular, as the officer is white and has a black fellow.

Officer Vanessa Weinbel alleges in the lawsuit registered Tuesday in Brooklyn federal court that the supervisor, Rasheena Huffman, executed the comments in the presence of senior officers. Weinbel is claiming race and gender discrimination in the lawsuit that also describes the City of New York and four other officers as respondents.

Weinbel alleges she was ruled to racially and physically offensive remarks from Huffman from July 2016 to March 2018.

Weinbel alleges Huffman told her she resembles “Kardashian chic” and “that’s why black men like her” and that when Huffman got Weinbel’s boyfriend is African American, she answered: “He probably isn’t too black.”

On one event, Weinbel said Huffman told her that she should regard herself as “lucky” after it had been announced in the news that a white man stabbed a black man “just for being black.”

“They’re bored of seeing black men with white women,” Weinbel alleges Huffman told. “So, you should think yourself lucky as you probably would’ve been shot up first.”

Weinbel, 35, also insists that in a separate event in August 2017, while returning from a funeral in a police carrier, Huffman made a series insulting remarks, including, “People should hold with their own because your children won’t come out right or look like you.”

Huffman also purportedly said the U.S. government will have to build a new box on census forms named “confused” because Weinbel’s child cannot tell black or white.

Weinbel said these criticisms were made in the presence of three senior deputies, all of whom “failed to take proper disciplinary action,” according to the trial.

About a month next, on Sept. 1, 2017, Weinbel said she filed an accusation with the NYPD’s Office of Equity and Inclusion. But the remarks lasted through March 2018, she claims in her lawsuit.

Weinbel claims Huffman once filed a fake complaint against her over clothes that Huffman considered “too revealing.” Huffman told another officer, who is also mentioned in the lawsuit, that Weinbel’s body is “too curvaceous” and that she is “trying to attract the male officers with the bulk of her butt,” Weinbel claims.

No step was taken against Huffman, according to Weinbel, who said she was rather ordered by two senior officers to switch her attire.

Later Huffman physically bumped into Weinbel in a locker room in late March 2018, Weinbel said she informed Huffman’s behavior to superior officers who turned Weinbel’s tour rather of taking action on Huffman.

A day or so next, Weinbel said a lieutenant who is an accused in the lawsuit told her to “stop taking everything so personal” and to create Huffman is “a pile of sh– in the street and step over her.”

Huffman could not quickly be reached at numbers prepared for her. The NYPD did not instantly return a request for a remark. Weinbel, who serves for the NYPD in Queens, is inquiring unspecified damages.

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