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Parents Sentenced Death Penalty For Torturing 5-Year-Old For Being Naughty!

Parents who crossed the limits of torture allegedly killed their five-year-old boy by leaning hot water over him. Now for the crime, they committed they will face the death penalty if convicted at Singapore’s High Court.

Azlin Arujunah and Ridzuan Mega Abdul Rahman, both 27, were in the dock today facing charges of murder, after the alleged attack three years ago.

Murder carries an obligatory death penalty or life imprisonment with caning in the former British Colony.

It is reported that the boy’s mum, and Ridzuan, his dad, caged the child in a cat box and tortured him with heated spoons for months before he died.

He had second to third-degree burns, over 75 percent of his body, acute kidney injuries, dehydration, a broken nose, cuts on his face and isolated speech delay.

The child’s identity is nor confirmed due to court proceedings, died just a day after he was admitted to the hospital.

It’s reported that the abuse began a year later when the parents started to mentally abuse the child in various ways.

On further allegations, they allege that in August 2016, the boy knocked over a biscuit tin and Azlin beat him so hard that his stomach was covered in marks. He also began to stumble due to a misaligned kneecap.

This is not it the boy’s dad placed a scorching metal spoon on his palm when the child stole milk powder to eat.

Azlin and Ridzuan charred the boy on at least four previous occasions before his death.

On the day of his murder, October 22, 2016, the boy was restrained to a cat cage.

The boy then toppled forward and stopped moving.

Rather than seeking medical attention, they waited six hours to take the boy to hospital.

After the hospital informed the police, the parents were arrested.

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