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Son Kills Mother’s Loving ‘Dog’ After She Told Her ‘No Girl’ Is Allowed In Her House

A Texas man living with his mom has been held for allegedly throwing her dog across the room and killing it because she wouldn’t let him have physical intercourse in the house.

James Garcia, 39, was taken into arrest on Saturday in San Antonio in connection to an event that took place on October 24 involving his mom’s pet dog, Roxy.

According to his imprisonment affidavit, Garcia got into a dispute with his mother after he was told that he was not allowed to take a woman over to the house to have intercourse in his room. The 39-year-old guy had been living with his mom on and off for the last 4 years.

After having his romantic plans thwarted, an enraged Garcia allegedly bailed up his mother’s small dog that was resting on a couch and threw her 20 feet into the kitchen, reported. Garcia’s mother hurried Roxy to a veterinarian, who declared the pooch dead on arrival.

The doctor said the animal was thrown with such energy that her heart burst and she ultimately bled to death, the affidavit said. Garcia originally stormed out of the house, but he returned while police were still there carrying an investigation.

The 39-year-old said to police he had come back to pick up his belongings and told he was ‘terribly sorry’ for throwing Roxy and that he ‘didn’t like aching the dog,’ according to the affidavit.

A warrant for Garcia’s arrest was announced on November 7 and he was taken into arrest two days later. He was freed from jail on Sunday later posting $5,000 bond.

Under the forms of his release, Garcia is not allowing to be in possession of firearms or drink alcohol, and he will be subjected to random narcotics testing. Garcia is expected back in court on Dec 13.

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