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The Latest Trends In The Continuing Modernization Of The Security Industry

The global security industry is one of the fastest-accelerating industries in the world, grossing at nearly 85 billion USD and growing at a compounded annual rate of 10.3% over the next six years,  according to a report by Grand View Research. One can attribute this rapid growth to the rise in civil unrest in multiple countries, as well as the resurgence of terrorism earlier this decade. With demand for the industry at an all-time high and rising, one can wonder how it can keep up with the needs of its clients in these changing times. Let’s look at two of the newest trends in security R&D that keep the industry and its service as advanced as can be.
State-Of-The-Art Surveillance
Surveillance is one of the fastest-evolving aspects of modern high-tech security, and now entails enhanced bio-detection sensors, chemical sensors as well as high-resolution facial and license plate recognition. All this is facilitated through the use of higher and higher quality cameras and drones. China is known to be Draconian in terms of surveillance, noted as the country with  the most security cameras in the world. Their surveillance tech is top-notch and the international standard, with many countries  importing Chinese surveillance systems due to their efficacy. Despite the stigma associated with this new, potentially intrusive caliber of surveillance, investing in improved surveillance tech is a necessity in many security situations. Investment in surveillance and analytics can also potentially result in net savings and time efficiency in most situations, according to  Think DSC.
Virtual and Augmented Reality
VR and AR have progressed to a point where mainstream tech-centered industries have considered it a key tool in meeting their ends, and the security industry is no exception. More and more firms have taken to VR and AR simulations to train staff on how to handle risky scenarios without actually having to be in danger. Such training allows for much more flexibility in terms of scenario training,  leading to better overall results. The training is also gamified to make it more enjoyable for the trainees, allowing them to earn points that increase as the difficulty level gets higher, which they can redeem for rewards.
As the face of global security threat changes, so do the technologies that arise to counter them. Security is getting faster, more effective, and more efficient than ever before, thanks to security R&D teams who enthusiastically incorporate existing technologies into their innovations.
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