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Uber Driver Jailed For Molesting Woman As She Leant Out Of Cab To Be Sick!

An Uber Driver who molested a helpless woman passenger as she leaned out for his cab door to vomit has been convicted.

Temur Shah, 45, fumbled the 27-year-old woman after picking her up from a West End address in the early hours of the morning of January 2018.

Isleworth Crown Court heard his passenger said she felt unwell during the journey, and that Shah had stopped the car, asking her to move into the front seat.

When she told him she was about to vomit he stopped a second time, then leaned over to open the door and put his hand under her undergarments.

He then continued the assault, touching her organs area over her clothes, while she was suffering into the gutter.

Afterwards she told Shah not to touch her, but was forced to stay inside the vehicle as she had no money or battery on her phone to call for help.

She reported the incident to the police after she was dropped off near her home.

The Lady has recently had a panic attack in a mini-cab with her husband. She found it difficult to tell her parents about the incident, as it made her feel ‘more guilty than she already did.

Police from the Metropolitan Police’s taxi and private hire policing team used an aggregate of CCTV and GPS data from Uber to identify Shah as the suspect, and he was arrested in February 2018.

He was charged and convicted of physical assault in January 2019, following a trial that lasted one week.

Shah, of Park Crescent, Harrow, was sentenced to 16 months imprisonment.

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