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What is Difference Between TuTuApp & TuTuApp Lite, Best Third Party Stores Out There?

TutuApp is one of the top third-party app stores available out there for the iOS users. However, when it comes to TuTuapp, there are two versions, which are the TuTuApp and TuTuApp Lite. 

And in this article, I am going to talk about both of these apps. So here we go:

What is TuTuApp?

TutuApp is an alternative to the Apple App Store. And you can use the app to download apps on your iPhone and iPad. The app has all the official apps that you can find on the Apple App Store. Along with that, the app also offers you tweaked apps that you cannot find on the Apple App Store. 

What is TuTuApp Lite?

TutuApp Lite is the same app as the TutuApp. However, this app is lightweight. Apart from this difference, the app can be used to download official and tweaked apps on your iOS device.


  • The app comes with an easy to understand user interface. So you can get started easily.
  • The app has quite a lot of categories from where you can download apps and games.
  • The download and installation of apps speed on this app are pretty high.
  • The app offers you a smooth performance.
  • The app is pretty secured compared to any other app in the market.

Differences between TuTuApp and TuTuApp Lite

  • The TutuApp Lite is lighter than the TutuApp.
  • The TuTuApp offers you a better performance.
  • TuTuApp Lite runs smoothly on your device.

How to download TuTuApp and TuTuApp Lite?


At first, go to this like using the safari browser: https://tutuapp-apk.org/.

Hit the install button.

Next, come back to the home screen and check if the app is installed or not. 

Then go to  Safari browser and scroll down and click on the Trust now option and click on allow. 

Finally, click on the trust app button and you are all done.

TutuApp Lite:

First, of all from your safari browse go to the lite.tutuapp.vip  then click on the try now button. 

After that, enable permission for the app by tapping on the Allow option.

The app will get downloaded on your phone.

Next, open Profile & Device Management option and trust the app.

Then follow all the screen instructions. 

How to use them?

Using the app is pretty easy. Simply launch the app and download your favorite app and you all set.


Do I need jailbreak to use TuTuApp & TuTuApp Lite?

No, there is no need to jailbreak.

Is TuTuApp and TuTuApp Lite are free?

Yes, they are free to use.

Can I install TuTuApp and TuTuApp Lite on Android?

Yes, you can.


So that was all for the Difference Between TuTuApp & TuTuApp Lite. Now go ahead and check the steps out and see how it is working for you.

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