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13-Year-Old Girl Brutally Attacked By Gang Of Pupils In Antwerp

The public prosecutor’s office has initiated an inquiry into an incident of pointless violence after a 13-year-old girl was brutally attacked by some pupils of the same school in the municipality of Merksem in the Antwerp area.

The attack was recorded and then shared massively on social media. The girl registered a complaint with the police in the municipality of Brasschaat, and the school will take steps against the pupils concerned.

The girl was pushed into a corner and kicked and hit repeatedly by some pupils of the school. According to the girl’s mother, it left her with bruised ribs, a concussion, bruised vertebrae and a bruised knee, and she no longer tries to go to school.

Translation of tweet: “School takes steps after discussion with parents regarding a bullying incident.”

“We are taking the required actions to ensure the protection of our students,” stated Pamela Bruers of the school, adding that 2 students have been suspended. “We have begun disciplinary procedures, but we are still examining the case. We want to do this very completely and correctly. Depending on the seriousness of the matter, the measures can range from a temporary suspension to a final one,” she added.

The sufferer will not be returning to school in the coming days, and is looking for a ‘bullying coach’. “She is especially affected because everything was shot, but almost no one came to help her.

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