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A Russian Man Killed His Wife And Later Killed Himself In Front Of Children

On November 12, a citizen of the Astrakhan region’s Kharabali in Russia woke up at midnight, as someone was tapping on the door loudly and rigorously. When the man opened the door, he observed his neighbor. The latter was staring at him and had an insane look in his eyes.

He whispered, “I’ve killed my wife”. Then the man told, “stop joking like this, Nursultan!”

The man believed the neighbor had been a little bit drunk. The guest left, and the man chose to check whether something had occurred. The neighbors’ door was unlocked. When he entered, he noticed a horrible sight. His neighbor killed himself, and his wife was lying in a pool of blood. Their children, 2 girls and a boy were crying in another room.

Nurgaliev’s family remained in peace. They were both 27. Guldara was jobless, she was on maternity leave with the 1-year-old daughter. The middle daughter went to kindergarten. The elder brother was 6 years old and began going to school this year.

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The husband had a job, he worked off the books though: he performed apartment improvements and made a little extra money at a construction site. Money was scarce – just like in all families. On November 3 – when it was his wife’s birthday – the man had written her a touching poem. Everything was all right and almost perfect, but Nursultan’s jealousy. There were rumors it had been for a reason.

In the evening, on November 12, the couple fought. The man blamed his wife for infidelity, and she began kicking him out of the apartment. After that, the citizen of Astrakhan took a kitchen knife. There are 20 stab wounds on the woman’s dead body calculated by criminalists. The man killed himself on the same night. It all occurred in plain view of their children who had woken up due to the loud argument.

At the present moment, psychologists are operating with the children. The children were taken by relatives of the deceased pair.

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