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Brother Sentenced For Torturing And Attacking Sister With A Knife!

A man named Oscar Gonzalez who was sentenced for slashing, torturing and kidnapping his estranged sister in 2015 was sentenced Tuesday to nine years to life in prison.

Oscar dressed in a yellow jail jumpsuit, appeared unfazed at Judge Houry Sanderson’s decision to send him to prison for possibly life. The judge explained the attack on his sister, who was repeatedly beaten and slashed, as horrific.

“These crimes involved great violence and great bodily harm as found by the jury,” Sanderson said. “The degree of cruelty and viciousness and callousness was also very serious.”

In September he gets away with the charges of attempted murder, but guilty of assault likely to produce great bodily injury, torture, kidnapping and false imprisonment with violence.

It is reported that Gonzalez brutalized his sister while at his home near Fowler. Gonzalez had recently moved back to the area from Washington State and wanted to mend things up.

But when Gonzalez started drinking, he got aroused. He criticized his sister for having her two sons in the military. He blamed her for his identity being stolen when he was a child, although there was never any proof.

His level of torturee is beyond bearing as he taped her hands and dragged her to a basement outside. In the basement he continued to kick, punch and cut her. One of her head wounds required 14 staples to close.

She was laying in a pool of her own blood on the floor of the basement. Through a small window, she could see her brother digging a hole.

She thought she was going to die, But then Gonzalez did something his sister still doesn’t understand as he cut the duct tape off her wrists, kissed her on the head and let her go.

Gonzalez’s girlfriend, Shawnessa Hinajosa, was charged with a misconduct count of false imprisonment with violence and received a two year suspended sentence.

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