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Couple Tortured Son, 5, To Death And Caged Him In A Cat Box For Being Naughty, Now Facing Death Sentence

PARENTS who allegedly murdered their 5-year-old boy by tilting boiling water over him face the death penalty if sentenced at Singapore’s High Court.

The couples both 27, were in the lock now meeting charges of murder, after the alleged assault three years ago.

Murder brings a mandatory death penalty or life jailing with the caning in the previous British Colony.

Prosecutors told Azlin, the boy’s mum, and Ridzuan, his dad, caged the child in a cat box and tortured him with burned spoons and pliers for months before he expired.

His death was induced by hits to the head and a deluge scalding water flowed over his back and calves.

In court, the prosecution’s first spectator, Associate Professor Loh Tsee Foong, described the injuries the boy performed at the hospital.

He had second to third-degree wounds, over 75 percent of his body, acute kidney damages, dehydration, a cracked nose, cuts on his face and private speech delay.

The child, who is cannot be described due to a court order, died just a day later he was admitted to hospital.

If found chargeable, Azlin and Ridzuan could be sentenced at the gallows in Changi prison.

Foster parents took him in quickly after his birth in 2011 but he later returned to his biological family in 2015.

It’s stated that the abuse started a year later when the parents Azlin Arujunah and Ridzuan Mega Abdul Rahman, both 27 began to “psychologically torment the deceased in different ways”, according to Deputy Public Prosecutors Tan Wen Hsien, Daphne Lim, and Li Yihong.

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