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Gamer, Who Accidentally Live-Streamed Himself While Beating His Pregnant Girlfriend Avoids Jail

A gamer who mistakenly live-streamed himself assaulting his pregnant partner has nearly avoided being sent to jail.

Luke James Munday, 27, was on Wednesday convicted to a 14-month good behavior bond after being convicted of domestic violence-related common assault.

His lawyer Steven Mercael confirmed to Picton Local Court the assault was ‘just a slap’.

He’s a loving caring person with no history of domestic violence,’ Mr. Mercael said.

‘On this day he just slapped his partner.’

He retracted his remarks after being reprimanded by magistrate Mark Douglass.

‘I would not in any way accept the submission this was just a slap in the face, the court rejects that submission,’ Mr. Douglass said.

Munday in September declared guilty to attacking his partner Grace Campbell while live-streaming a Fortnite game at their Oran Park home.

She was heard asking him to come to dinner with their family, and after Munday repeatedly refused, she became frustrated and threw several objects at him.

In response, he stood up, slapped her on the left side of her face and pulled her to the ground.

Initially, the assault was not captured on video, but the audience witnessed, who was watching via video streaming site Twitch, heard a loud slapping noise.

Mr Douglass said he considered sending Munday to jail and that his offense was just below the mid-range of offending.

Mr. Mercael told the court that Munday was doing his job when he was provoked. And to finish the cause of disturbance he just slapped the girl not more than it.

He said that the police had been called to the home on 20 to 30 occasions, that he was the victim of domestic violence and had previously suffered scratches and a busted lip.

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