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Man, 23, Brutally Beat A Bus Passenger, 75, To Death, Now Facing Murder Charges

A Minnesota man now meets a charge of second-degree murder following the 75-year-old bus passenger he allegedly hit last week died from his wounds.

Leroy Davis-Miles, 23, of Minneapolis was originally charged with felony assault in conjunction with the Nov. 6 beating, which happened at the city’s Chicago-Lake Transit Center, FOX 9 of Minneapolis-St. Paul described.

CCTV footage reveals the elderly passenger asking Davis-Miles and others to lower their sounds, with the group returning by threatening to beat the man later he exits the bus, the report said.

According to footage and eyewitness descriptions, Davis-Miles later knocked the elderly man outside the bus, making him fall backward and strike his head upon the pavement, police said.

After the man fell, Davis-Miles flapped hands with his buddies “in a congratulatory manner,” then some members of the group searched through the victim’s pockets as he lay motionless on the ground, the Star-Tribune of Minneapolis reported.

Police told FOX 9 the man underwent a serious brain injury and died 1:36 p.m. Tuesday, displaying the 39th murder victim of the year in Minneapolis.

Minneapolis police reported they were serving with the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office to enhance the charges on Davis-Miles. Authorities have not revealed the identity of the person who died.

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