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‘My Home Life Is Problematic And Difficult’: Liam Payne Confesses He’s Alone Without Son Bear, 2, Slams Zayn Malik For ‘chasing his own dreams’ And Shares His One Direction Doubts

Liam is refreshingly open and honest about how he feels breathing his life in the spotlight, feeling immensely grateful but also down about the things he has missed out on.

And top of that list is his boy Bear, two, who he shares with ex-girlfriend Cheryl, 36, as he realizes he gets ‘very alone when he doesn’t see him for some of the days.’

Through a conversation on Straight Talking with Ant Middleton, 38, on Tuesday, Liam, 26, revealed his own life is ‘problematic and difficult’, slammed Zayn Malik for ‘chasing his own dreams’ and showed his One Direction doubts.

He said: ‘I saw X Factor as a way out of the time we were living in Wolverhampton. We were in deficit, so it felt like do or die.

‘My parents did truly well though and that was never presented on the show. When they said they were placing us in a group, they asked me, “do you need five minutes” and I said okay. I Rang my dad. I felt that this was the edge of my [solo] dream.’

My dad answered: ‘You can be 1/5 of something or 100% of nothing.’

‘It could be wicked at first – me and Louis did not get along at all – he was the most beloved. I didn’t have many mates, didn’t know how to mingle with anyone.’

Talking on his beloved son, he said: ‘I get alone if I can’t see Bear for some days

‘It looks to the outside world that I have everything but there are so many parts missing, uncertainty is a great thing in my life, I don’t know how deep it will last.

‘Also my home life position is problematic and difficult. Distance is hard. There are 50 million rumors a week, which are difficult to ignore and trust is difficult.’

Referencing Zayn Malik, he stated: A few people haven’t made friends with it yet and are pursuing different dreams. I ask it will be all five of us.

‘I guess we were okay as a four in the end. It all got a little bit unearthly as it all finished. Getting to know the sense of growing up. That was my immaturity.’

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